This below is all backstory, scroll to the second half to get to the actual question.
alright, so i had inquired about this in another thread, however i do not want to hijack it completely, so i will ask in my own thread.

i have been playing guitar for about 5yrs now (the last 3 yrs have been pretty recreational since i stopped taking lessons) and about 6 months ago my dad picked up my Dillion (PRS knockoff) and started self-teaching himself online. Well he eventually decided he wanted to try my Martin acoustic, and now only likes playing the acoustic haha. so i am looking at getting him a guitar for fathers day.

i was going to get it for him as a surprise, however the advice of swsman, and multiple others on here say that is a bad idea and that he should try it himself before purchasing (which i completely understand).


so i am looking at a local pawn shop (Cash Converters) at a few guitars. They have a Yamaha fg700s used for $185 w/case. everyone seems to think that is a great guitar...but my dad is somewhat against yamaha's, he has this vision that they only make really reallllllly cheap guitars...

there is also a few Jasmine by Takamine guitars there as well, including a brand new S35 for $149.

Those are the two main ones i have been looking at and are within my price range. aside from him trying them and seeing which one he likes, which one would be the better guitar (quality, durability, longevity)?

Both Takamine and Yamaha make great acoustic guitars.
It's a safe bet with either of them.
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i would lean more towards the yamaha because since its a Jasmine by takamine and they don't sound as good as regular takamines IMO. I bought a jasmine at a local store a while ago without any knowledge of guitars because i didnt have internet or friends with experience on acoustics and i wish i had bought a yamaha. idk what its gonna take to convince you father that yamaha is good but do it!

aside from that, i've been really harsh on my jasmine and its still in great condition with just a few minor dents and scraches so its somewhat durable and quality is meh. you're going to have to ask someone else bout yamahas because ive only played them a few times