Having looked at what Garage band offers, the ability to record using just a mic, then be able to add layers and create simple (or complex) tunes from it; its exactly what I need. However I dont have an Apple Mac or a spare £800 to get one, ive got an averge-decent laptop with Windows vista.

Can you run Garage band on vista?
(im presuming thats a silly question + that you cant have it on vista, but just to be sure cos it would be ideal if you can...)

Does anyone know of any programs similar to Garageband (plug in, record with one mic, multi track, with drum beats + synthasized different instruments) That you can use on Windows?

Thanks for any help

i dont think you can. its a mac program right?
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You can't run it on Windows. However there are plenty of music production programs out there. I just don't know which ones are good so I can't help you there.
theres audacity and Kristal which are both free to use and pretty good.
Cubase is the poorman's protools... and i like it.
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I use REAPER, and i'm pretty satisfied with it.
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I use reaper and I'm stisfied, it doesn't have any "built-in" instruments (well it does have some basic Synth VSTs) but you can download them, there's plenty of free ones here http://www.vstplanet.com/