I play post-hardcore music, I would need a heavy distortion that can handle drop c palm muting e.t.c
I don't know what amp to get, can you help?
(they are both around the same price)
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Get the 6505+ unless you need a good clean tone or a lot of versatility.

It comes down to this, really.
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if you can try them out first that is your best bet in deciding. remember that if you buy the 6505+ that you'll need to buy a noise gate/suppressor and perhaps other pedals if you want some effects (as well as power supply and extra cables and such). the good thing about getting the 6505+ is that the tone is more 'real' as it is not digital, but you may have to replace the tubes eventually because I hear that some people say the amp really comes alive with a tube change. the vypyr has all that stuff built in and if you're playing live you'll want to get a sanpera footpedal (version 1 is all you need but if you want more access to features etc. then go for the version 2-- but its more expensive of course).
Versatility = Vypyr
Metal and rock only = 6505+ (the cleans are better than they were on the 6505, still not great though)
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Get the 6505+. It's really an amazing amp, and the cleans are definitely usable. Sure, you're not going to get fender style cleans with it, but that doesn't appear to be what you're after. One thing to note, is that the 6505's sound a LOT better when you can turn them up a little more. It's going to sound it's best at I believe 5-6 on the master. Still, try them both out for yourself. I think the 6505 would be the best long term amp, since you can easily change the effects you use with it. the Vyper, you really can't do that.
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try both, if it were me, i would get the vypyr, just cuz it can get many sounds that all are pretty darn good, not like a million dollar tone, but good for sure
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thanks for making an old dude feel like his advice is actually taken into consideration
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Versatility = Vypyr
Metal and rock only = 6505+ (the cleans are better than they were on the 6505, still not great though)

For your type of music, the 6505+ wins no contest.
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