hey guys my sis recently got a B.C. Rich electric guitar, not sure what specific model from a Guitar Center about 2 hours away from where we live. When we opened it , it had a crack on the neck covering the width of the neck and went in diagonally about 2 inches. The crack is about 2 inches away from the headstock.
She insists that my dad can put glue, clamp it, and it will be good.

I say exchange it for another one taht's not cracked, because its defective and will give my sister a hard time in the near future, even if its fixed by my dad.

What is ur guyses opinion?
I would go back and demand a trade or refund, paying X dollars for a broken guitar makes no sense
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I hope you mean of the guitar, not the sister

Return the guitar. If you just bought it and it's defective, take it back. If she'd damaged it herself three years down the line, then by all means try to fix it. But there's no real reason why you should waste time and effort on a tricky fix if you've only just bought it from the shop.

Unless, of course, she's dropped it and doesn't want to confess.
Depending on how bad of a crack it is it may not effect it, but either way if you just got it and had anything wrong with it I would most certainly have it replaced. unless of course it was bought used then its as-is. if its new then definitely get it replaced.
There's your first mistake, trying to reason with a female But really just go to your parents and convince them it needs to be exchanged instead.
Were you buying it new or used?

Either way you should return it. You're paying for a good guitar, and you got one with a major crack in it. Unless your sister specifically asked for a damaged guitar you should have one in fairly good condition.

Tell your sister to keep her opinion to herself.

Take it back and get another one or another guitar.

Why would you pay for a guitar just to have to fix it? That makes no sense.

Ask her if she would buy a brand new car with flat tires? I mean it can be fixed but thats not the point.
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If you opened the box and it was defective, why would you not return it?
Depending on the crack glueing/clamping might very well fix the issue, BUT why accept a broken guitar that was purchased as new? I'm guessing the 2 hour drive is factoring into the decision.....100+ miles each way is both time and gas consuming. Next time I bet she inspects the guitar before leaving the store.....should do this even if the GC is next door.

I would call the store and explain the situation. See if they will email you a pre-paid shipping label so you can send it back without you having to drive back there. Perhaps they'll offer to give you $50 to keep and repair yourself.

edit....you might also need to knock some sense into her for choosing a BC Rich in the first place ;-).
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thats dumb. she bought a broken guitar. not only is it broken, but teh next is the most important thing on the guitar. thats like buying a car with a cracked engine block.

why? stupid.
Trade it in or have a professional deal with it. I wouldn't sugest doing a glue job yourself. Though I have never done it before I am sure it's not as easy as slaping some elmex on it and calling it a day.
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How are we knocking sense into your sis? Are you letting her read this thread I hope? Sis, return the d@mn guitar and replace it with a new one!