So I've been getting so fed up with trying to grow my nails and file them evenly so I can get a clean and consistent tone on classical guitar that I've basically decided to say **** fingerstyle altogether and just play classical guitar pieces with a pick or some pick/finger hybrid method. I recently tried this with Carcassi's Etude #7 in A minor and I am fairly pleased with the results...


I found this to be an awesome string-skipping exercise. My scales improved in cleanliness and speed after recording this today... I'd definitely recommend learning some classical guitar pieces on electric.. it really forces you to keep the pick parallel with the string, which reduces resistance, thus increasing efficiency and speed.

What do you all think of this format? Is the above rendition of Etude #7 at all effective? Does this seem inauthentic and lame, or is it cool? Let me know what you think.
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Simply my opinion, but I don't believe the piece is done just with an electric guitar tone, especially with a pick. I feel that you weren't able to much of a difference dynamically betweent the two parts. The melody in the bass just gets drowned out by a very loud tremolo. A piece such as Recuerdos, for instance, couldn't be played successfully with this style due to the dynamic difference between the tremolo and the bass line. Also because of the excessive dynamic shifts that need to occur throughout the piece for good expression.

So I believe that taking the time to grow nails for classical guitar pays off greatly due to the expression that you can create through it.

Regardless I see what you meant by the sustain of the electric guitar adding to the dissonance of the piece. It was an interesting interpretation.
Sorry, meant to say "don't believe the piece is done JUSTICE" not "just"
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Sorry, meant to say "don't believe the piece is done JUSTICE" not "just"

There is an edit button for a reason.

And like Feaksy said, the dynamics are way too off on an electric with a pick, nice playing though.
thanks for the comments. If I had spent more time with it I could have played it better. I actually did a volume swell at the climax of the piece in the middle where it ascends up the high string... I probably should have brought the bass out more in the tremelo parts... cause it is possible to change the volume by altering right hand pressure on the string.
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