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hey! just checked ur band and i think its great! i love the song the desert, guys, u have a future ahead u!
rock on!
hey watchingthedark, thank u very much! i really wanna get as much people as possible to see this, if u have a look at myspace, please comment!
You know there's a band called Origin that are signed to Relapse Records and have played the world right?

Just sayin'...
hey its not bad, with practice and a good singer youll have a good sound! If you were in the US I'd definitely record you.
thank you! we are in need of a singer and we're practising a lot! that kind of comments make me want to play even more!
good job, beats are a little funky and u should of waited for a singer before u posted the songs or put them instrumentally. 3/5
I really suggest that you change the name considering the fact the an extremely popular and succesful band already has it.
Skills definitely aren't bad, but the recording is hard on the ears. Quality is very rough. You guys are a talented bunch, you should consider picking up some recording equiptment.

When you guys find your singer you are looking for, and get some decent recording gear, your songs will be much, much better
thanks mate! actually we've been searching for the right singer for a bout half a year, and there is no way we will get him so I'm starting singing lessons next year, and we will record them at a studio or something to make a decent demo, thanks for your support!
Definitely a lot of potential! I agree with the guys who say you should change the name. Seems like all the good names are already taken hahaha also definitely post back when you get a singer!!
As with many new bands of this type, the playing is great and you have a good groove, but why does the vocalist have to sound like a raging fag? Fix that and you'll have something with good potential. Good luck.
thanks you all guys! yeah the vocalist will improve soon and we might have a proper demo for christmas
Tone sucks.

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