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Ok so I seldom try to learn full songs. It's usually just the fun parts that I like to hear. In All Along the Watchtower it's the first couple of bars worth of rhythm and the intro solo but I tend to play casually with other ppl in the room while we're doing other stuff and my dad mentioned that he'd like to hear more full songs. It's a pretty obvious concept to learn full songs not only for others' enjoyment but for the progression of oneself as a musician but I really hadn't given it much thought until now.

So, I've been working on jimi's version of all along the watchtower and the tabs are broken down into lead and rhythm. Now, if I'm playing the song by myself (as both rhythm and lead) how do I combine the two? Do most people play the chords and add in the small licks during non chord strum beats (sry, I'm not sure what this would be called... offbeat?), do I try to maintain the rhythm root notes while adding the lead? or is it just a matter of practicing the rhythm and adding bits of the lead till it best resembles my experience of the song. This is difficult for me to express so hopefully I did a good enough job. My main goal is to preserve the progression of the song while keeping it interesting.

Thanks :P
well the progression of the song is (Actual C but C# Position) C#min , B , A , B two beats each chord, correct? What i find the easiest with this particular song is to play the first three chords down to the A, and instead of going back up to the B, play around with some minor pentatonic lick(s) (C#) for the last two beats.

You can also use this trick mid progression, but is a little more complicated. For example play C# min, little lead lick (2 beats), A Maj, B maj. Also you can play the first two chords and give yourself a full bar to mess around and make some noise. As long as you keep time it ends up sounding pretty good, at least in my experience.
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See how Hendrix played it live.

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I too are learning it full song every solo etc I just do chord and end wit the ho and po. Seems to sound best
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It's quite hard to explain but Hendrix had some set standard techniques for doing his rhythm bits.

What helped me was this http://justinguitar.com/en/RH-000-RhythmGuitar.php

Go down to the two Jimi Hendrix bits, and learn that style. Then learn the verse chord progression (playing the Csharp minor up at the fourth fret). Apply that rhythm style to it. Quickly you'll be able to see what Jimi was doing.

Then find a tab which combines the two.

You'll find that you're not just playing notes but you'll understand what he was trying to achieve and how the fills work within the chord structure.

Hope that helps, it worked for me.
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See how Hendrix played it live.

Bingo. There are probably tons of videos on youtube of Hendrix playing this song. I'd suggest watching them/listening to them and adapting whatever structure he uses for the lead, then follow the movement of the bassist for the rhythm guitar (probably just those same chords all through the song).