I have a Squier Jazz, Standard series.
If I have either of the first two knobs (1 being closest to the neck) all the way up, but not the other, I get a light buzz sound. I can have both all the way without it, or just one not all the way.
Also, the last knob, closest to the bridge, make a much louder buzz unless I'm touching metal on the bass somewhere, in which case there is still a buzz, but not as strong.
Is there some way to stop this besides a 10/10/0 setting?
they are single coil pickups. single coil pickups pick up hum.

they are wired in in opposite ways so when you turn the volume the same on each of them, there is a faux humbucking effect.

the only way to get rid of it will be to change your pickups, or get rid of the source of the noise that is being picked up.

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you can try better shielding as well. inside the electronics recess try laying electrical tape or aluminum foil. that should help a bit.