Hey im trying to start a band and am having a little trouble with a name. my band is going to be a Rock/ alternative band. and we are not gay or emo.....
one of my ideas is
Forever falling
Under Fire

i would love to have some input on these names
i would very much appreciate it thanks.
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forever falling sounds melodramatic. i like under fire better.
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You can make it a gay/emo band name...
Forever falling under fire.
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Forever falling is a little bland, but I haven't heard your band so I don't know maybe it would fit.

I like Under Fire quite a bit.

What kind of band are you? I think that would help with the feedback
"Under Fire" is actually a pretty decent band name. Check and make sure it hasn't been used though. If it's up for grabs, go for it!
you can hire hillary clinton as your lead singer and call it Forever Falling Under Sniper Fire in Bosnia. works imo.
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name your band whatever you like, if people dig you and your music then they're gonna shout your bands name whatever it is...

...unless it's lame of course