i just fixed up a guitar. im getting teh action right and i noticed that buzz is particularly bad round the 18th fret E and A string.

i just put 10-52s on my epi les paul...a step up from regular 10s. there was bad fret buzz on the 18th fret E, A...so i had to slightly raise the action to get rid of it.

however, there is no buzzing anywhere else, even at the 18th fret besides those 2 strings.

so what is with the upper part of the 18th fret? is it something about the neck heel and how a guitar is made?
Hmm the fretwire just after the 19th fret could be a little high? If its on both guitars im not sure though, might need a slight truss rod adjustment
one fret, usually indicates a high , dented, or crooked fret.

i personally wouldnt adjust the whole neck for that one area.

instead i would take it to a tech and let them redress that fret for about $20.

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