they change the volume and tone of the pickups. people change them for many reasons
1. they want to split the coils of a humbucker to give a single coil pickups sound
2. they want a slightly better sound by going from cheap to expensive pots
3. they want a killl witch but do not want to mess with the guitar appearence
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Pot is slang for potentiometer. Which is actually a variable resistor. As for why they replace them when they are not broken there is a subjective argument that one make sounds better then another. Changing the value of a pot will definitely change the tone.

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
the pots are the circular shaped electronic pieces that connect you're knobs to everything else basically.

The volume/ tone knobs go over these.

Many people say you have to change pots when installing active pickups, but I have no idea why
Pots are the Volume and Tone knobs on your guitar.

Alot of people change pots mainly when switching to active pickups.
Passive pickups use different pots than actives, obviously.