I'm looking for either bass tab of Rush's new songs, Caravan or BU2B.

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I would like to get the guitar tab for both songs Caravan or BU2B. The best you can do for now is ok with me.

I think the opening Riff is in standard tuning

E minor G. and a turnaround of B5 - B5 - B5 - D5 - B5- C#5 - C5

2225 % 2225 % 225
0005 % 0005 % 005 Repeat 3 times then
0003 % 0005 % 003

The "turnaround riff"

999 quick slide 12 quick slide 9 slide 11 slide 10
777 quick slide 10 quick slide 7 slide 9 slide 8
777 quick slide 10 quick slide 7 slide 9 slide 8

Em - Em - Em - G5 % Em - Em - Em - G5 % Em - Em - G

turnaround use alot of sliding

B5 - B5 - B5 - D5 - B5- C#5 - C5

The percent is like a short ring out on G before you go quickly back to Em.

Strumming is


What do you guys think?

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Hey everyone I am sure this is the jist of the opening and the verse RIFF's. (See above).

Im excited because this is the firstsong I tried to figure out without tab and it looks like I am the first to post B2UB for Rush!!

My favorite band ever!!!

Ill try to post a video later there is are a few quick movements that I don't know how to write out in tab it be easier for you to watch me do it.

Hope this helps someone I am the biggest Rush fan ever!! I am seeing them sixth row Chicago on July 7th. Was 2nd row for first Snakes and Arrows tour and 17th row for the second Snakes and Arrows tour. I was also on the lawn at Milwaukee second Snakes and Arrows. Been a fan since I heard Tom Sawyer when I was a kid Feb 7 1981! I was 14 years old! HaHa

B2UB lyrics are really good too!!!

Some will be rewarded and the devil with take the rest.

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Hey guys, i think i've figured out the opening few notes of Caravan by Rush on bass so here 'tis

+------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------
+------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------
+---6--5--4----------3--2--1------ | ----6--5--4---------3--1----------------------
+------------------------------------- |-----------------------------3-------------------

Then play that section again but a little bit faster

+------------------------------------------------| }Part A
+---0-------------------------------------------| x3

+------------------------------------------------| }Part B

then repeat that section (Part A and B) again

that's all i got so far but i'll be finishing that off and uploading the whole bass tab when im done!

Dan "Doc" Shipman

P.s. Jennifer, its BU2B not B2UB (Brought Up 2 Believe)
Yours sincerely, a rush maniac
ive been workin on the carvan tab and ill have it on ultimate guitar in a day or so
Haha yes your right Dan, I am dislexic haha. I am going to see Rush in a few days July 7th 6th row!

good song all it is is E x4 and Gx1 power chords in intro end of it goes B power chord then F power chord does this section 3 times

chorus is 8th x1 then 9th fret x8 on G string it the changes to 9th x1 on D string then 8th x8 on G string



A string 7,6,5 then E string 7,6,5 then same on A string as before again but on E go 7,3,0 instead of 7,6,5


Almost same as intro just add an open E at start and make above 7,6,5's power chords and each chord play twice

+------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
+------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
+---7--6--5---------------- 7-6-5-----------------------------x 3----
+------------------7 6-5-------------------7 3 0-----------------------------------------------

+--------------------------------------| do a few times over
+---0------------------------7 7-6-6-5 5-0----| As all chords e.g 7,6,5 make power chord

+-------------------2----0----------------------| }Part B

anyway i think thats right sorry if it's wrong or doesn't make sense!!
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