So summer is here and I've been planning on building/customizing a guitar for a while now, so I figure there's no time like the present.
I've never actually done anything like this so I'm unsure how to do multiple things, that however is not a problem, as my neighbor has been playing guitar for 20 odd years and has built himself several within that time span.
My question is this: should I buy the body/neck and go about painting/installing hardware/etc or should I find cheap (but decent) guitar and and customize it with a new paint job/hardware/etc.
For the record, the body type i'm after is a flying V (rather a "pointy" than a Gibson style), a Jackson Kelly or an Explorer - any of those work.

tl;dr - Should I build or customize my first piece of work?

Thanks to all those that help
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In my opinion, buying a cheap guitar and just replacing parts is nowhere near as satisfying as buying each individual component that you want and putting them together e.g. body (including shape, veneer, finish), neck, pick ups, and even the bridge.

I reccommend going to www.warmoth.com they're a custom guitar parts shop and their stuff is well worth looking at.

Hope I helped and good luck