ok so i was in a car accident last week and long story short...insurance didnt cover sihit

i had to get another car for work so i returned my Mesa lonestar special that i bought only a few days prior to the accident ..

i have $500 bucks canadian to spend on an amp..

I play: blues, classic rock, punk, post hardrock

I was checking out a couple of amps in my price range and the two that stood out is the Vox ac15vr and peavey valveking...

any experience with those?
im not fixed on an amp yet but i only have 400-500 to spend
i think he means he had to sell it back to pay for the car crash. the amp wasnt damaged...
sorry i realized after the title is a bit mis leading .......
what i meant was i needed money to buy another car so i had to refund (lost) my amp for the cash
could you give me more info as to why they're siht
also suggest another one
Well, I would suggest looking in your used market. I'm sure there's some Traynors in your budget.

The VK, I haven't played in a while, but I didn't really like the rhythm tones at all. Just kinda muddy.
The AC15 has nice cleans, but it doesn't OD or sound quite like an AC30, which is pretty much the only reason I'd buy a Vox.
^Yep Traynor is your best bet for that budget

Also that sucks, the Lonestar is such a nice amp
if get a used peavey classic 30. you can find them for 300 easy. its 30 watt, el84. same general idea as the lss, just not quite as high quality obviously.
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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Yeah look for some used Traynor
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My friend has the Bugera V22. He just bought it. I love it. It gets pretty loud when cranked, but its really bassy. Adjusting the bass knob doesn't really affect anything from what i've noticed, and thats the reason I didn't get it personally. Other than that the only thing I've heard of are reliability issues. But he hasn't had it long enough to give any input on that.
Go used. With our pretty good craigslist, there is no point in buying new.


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ROFL, I imagined a Mesa flying from the backseat through the windshield, possibly taking out someone before flying into a nearby river. Was actually kind of scared to open this one...

I'm glad that isn't the case, but still, I'm sorry that happened dude. Jet City sound really cool on the NAMM review, go for it!
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