Hey sorry to be a bother but I could really do with some advice on which strings to buy for my guitar.

I use an Epiphone Les Paul Junior and currently use ernie ball power slinkys. I'm pretty much always tuned into C, and that's why my band plays in but sometimes like to go lower.

I don't really know much about strings and how much they effect the tone, but we play poppier stuff as well hardcore so I don't really want my tone sounding too "brutal", although its good for it be able to sound quite heavy for breakdowns and the such.

Maybe I don't even need to change the strings I'm using, but since I'm pretty much a n00b when it comes to strings was just wondering if perhaps there were some that could improve my sound/playing.

Strings aren't going to make your tone more "brutal".

If you play in Drop C AAANNNNDDD Standard, I would say to have two guitars. Why?
Because you can use a heavier gauge on the Drop C guitar, so the tension feels alright, and the guitar is setup up properly with nice action and proper intonation...
Otherwise you'd have to tune up to Standard, and find your guitar that was setup for Drop C to have bad intonation, poor action, and high tension.

If you had a second guitar, it could be left in Standard, and be properly set up for that.
for drop tunings your gonna need a heavier guage, so your gonna want atleast a 49 guage for your low C but the rest is up to you, if you like a lot of flex for bending then a set of 49-10's should be alright but if you like it tighter than id go for 52-11

as for brands i always use DR black buties, they last for months and never snap even when you change the tunings about 10 times haha

but do some looking arround yourself you might go through 5 or 6 brands before you find the one you like most
I'd say to use Ernie Ball Skinny top/Heavy bottom (10-52). I use em' in drop C tuning, and they're the best I've tried. Especially since I like the higher strings to have a little "slack".
And they're ok to tune to drop B.

But if you tune lower than C alot, I would recommend ernie ball's beefy slinky.

Hope this helped.
dadderio 11-52, they last longer and dont break as often then ernie ball
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I'd agree in getting a new guitar if you could, sounds expensive i know but trust me... If you're changing tuning frequently not only are you gonna break strings but it could also damage the trussrod in your guitars neck from changing pressure.
I have a bass as well as guitars (for my band mainly) and cause i use it for other things i was detuning every so often to play in different styles. About 6 months later it warped the neck and literally the neck started to turn. I had to get it repaired, what a great job that was -_-... My point being get a new guitar if you can... Otherwise get ernie ball 10's.. They're fine for pretty much any tuning
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Ah thanks for all the help guys, you've been a real big help! Also just realised how badly written my first post was - was a bit drunk when I posted, sorry!

I can definitely see where you're coming from on the two guitar front but at the moment I really can't afford it Even our poppier tunes are in C though, so I'm not changing tunings too frequently!

I'll look into all the strings you guys all mentioned and I guess I'll try a few of em out, see which ones I like best. Cheers for all the help guys, you've gone above and beyond here