I have really been thinking about getting this so I can have decent guitar tracks, and vocals as well. I have been recording through My Peavey Vypyr's audio interface. And I don't like the quality of it. The only thing I am worried about is if there is a latency problem, and if the quality good to great. If you have any audio of you using the Pod that would be great. I am not looking to get this for live shows, just recording, so if there is anything better for around the same price, let me know.
I've got the GX

when recording (this was the first and only time i had done it), there was a bit of latency, but it might differ from UX2

however, when playing guitar through POD farm, there is no latency whatsoever (unless ur comp is shizzle), on the other hand, using other software, such as guitar rig, i found there was latency...

latency cant be erased, but can be lowered, usually by increasing the RAM on your computer, or I THINK (someone clarify this for me) using a better and more expensive interface

hope that helps
That's what I have been told. The Pod Far is supposed to have no latency, but I wanted to be sure of that. I downloaded the Peavey Version of the Pod Farm, The Latency was so bad I couldn't play. But, Thanks man.
If latency is your problem you either have two problems

Hardware issues with your comp(Ram and processor)

Or issues with your audio drivers. Which audio driver do you use to play with amp sims and record
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I don't have a Latency Problem, and I want it to stay that way. I was Making sure the Pod didn't have a problem with it.