I've been thinking about this recently. The sort of bands that are classified as "Indie" or "Alternative" are often quite hard to get into and often write music that is not very, for want of a better word, happy. And lots of this music is good, but recently I've been thinking about the albums that are basically the exact opposite.

The albums I'm talking about are the ones that are happy, or at least have some upbeat, feel good songs on them. They're also usually quite easily accesible. These features are mainly consistent with pop music, which is why I called them Pop albums.

So, what do you think are the best Alternative and Indie "Pop" albums?

The two really good examples I can think of are Is This It by The Strokes and Chutes Too Narrow by The Shins. I think they're both really good pop albums. Although to a lesser extent, Vampire Weekend's debut and many of Belle and Sebastian's albums are also good pop albums.

Ideas? Sorry if this is a terrible idea for a thread, I've just been really interested in this sort of music recently.
for indie its the first arctic mokeys album, ALL indie after that is preatty much a rip off of that album
I personally think almost every song on "A Lesson in Romantics" by Mayday Parade is amazing. It was when Jason Lancaster was in the band and man could he write a good tune.

As far as Pop/Punk goes, "So Wrong, It's Right" by All Time Low was pretty good. Hopefully this helped. If not..............just ignore me!

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Quote by mr7string
for indie its the first arctic mokeys album, ALL indie after that is preatty much a rip off of that album

pretty much the wrongest thing you could write given that the arctic monkeys were at most a synthesis of previous bands styles (libertines, strokes, streets) as opposed to a new thing.

in regards to the question I'd put stone roses debut out there, johnny foreigner's debut album and their first EP and possibly dananananaykroyd. passion pit's debut is pretty good for summery type songs, quite lightweight though...
gagagagagagagagagagaga(however many times) - by spoon

the big echo- the morning benders

avi buffalo- avi buffalo

keep it like a secret- built to spill

clouds taste metallic- flaming lips

album- girls

crooked rain crooked rain- pavement

there are probably tons more, those are just some that come to mind of the top of my head