Hey guys, how is this guitar?

I need a 2nd guitar with a hardtail for alternate tunings as I just ordered a guitar (will be my main) with a floating trem.

I've heard nothing but great things about Agile, but mostly about their AL-3X00 guitars... how does the 2500 series stack up? The specs are pretty much the same execpt it has a 2 piece mahogany body/2 piece neck, instead of solid mahogany/1 piece neck.

I had an Epi LP studio for about 5 years that was total crap, I hated it, and it cost me $450 at the time. Everyone says that Agiles are better quality than most epi's... so if I can get a nice working guitar for $240, that'd be great (Not to mention they look $1000 more expensive then they are). I do intend on putting locking tuners and maybe buying a better bridge+nut.

If there is a better guitar for <$300, let me know. I'm basically looking for a gig-able cheap guitar that I can later mod the hell out of.
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I've never gotten to play one, but I've heard tons about them. They seem to be pretty much the best les paul copies you can get in that price range. I would go for it.
Never played a 2500, but the 3100 are really amazing. I would save a few more pennies for a 3100.
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Agile's are good guitars. Pretty much on par with a good Epiphone. They're actually made in the same Korean factory that used to produce most of Epiphone's guitars.
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You don't really need locking tuners if you have a tune-o-matic bridge. That's kind of the point.

Anyway, there's the Dauntless in a blue flame with duncan design humbuckers. It's basically an AL-2800 with better pups.
nah, the Dauntless series is below the 2500 series. It goes Al2000->Dauntless->2500->2800->etc. according to this: http://www.rondomusic.com/alspec.html

The Dauntless is 3 piece body and no headstock binding, while the 2500 is 2 piece body with single binding on the headstock. Though the Dauntless has a AA grade maple top and duncan design pickups, while the 2500 just has A-grade maple (Thus explaining why the dauntless is more expensive, but of less quality). Also the 2800 has hand-filed frets while the 2500 and Dauntless don't..

I'm actually thinking of saving more and getting this:

It's so beautiful.
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