Alright, so this is my first time restringing my guitar, a squier. I have a problem with simply removing the high e string from the guitar. All of the other strings pushed out cleanly, but this one is stubborn. I thought maybe because the string left sticking out of the hole was too long, so I cut it down. Now after twenty minutes of jostling, its bent in numerous places and I feel stuck.

I took of the back plate and sometimes I can get the ball justtttt inside the hole, but it still wont come through. Any suggestions?
use the low e string that you've removed to push it through. or a very thinmetal rod, wood or plastic will just snap. but yeh use the low E to do this, it sometimes happens to me and it's just a bit inconvenient more than anything.
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ahhhhhhh.... thank you. i cant try it immediately but it sounds like itll work. Thanks a bunch
i've always used an allen key to push stuck string ball ends back through. one should have came with your guitar, another handy use for it.

the string method works most of the time but if it's really lodged in there you need something with more push.