*EDIT* Should I also buy an Ibanez rg320 for $115?
I like playing metal but have little cash.

I have the opportunity to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Studio for 150. Should I do it?

I have an Epi LP jr. right now and am thinking of moving up a small step.
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If its in good condition, youre saving 200 bucks by buying it used. I say go for it. If you like how it feels, plays, sounds, looks, etc. yeah totally.
obviously, play it first. if you like the feel and sound of it, why not!
good luck!
yeah thats straight, but I would suggest saving another $150 and buy an Epiphone Les Paul Standard for $300. Seriously doesn't take long to save $150, cause the studio will really not be that big of a step up, except for the fact that is has a neck pickup.
Also, should I get an Ibanez RG320 for $115? I am afraid the LP wont to metal too well, so I want a metal backup. Is that a good price?
Go with the RG. If it's in good condition, it'll survive everything you throw at it and pull metal off very well.
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I would put up a little more money for a better RG than at atleast, but Les Pauls are perfectly capable of performing metal. They are one of the more versatile guitars. Whereas with the RG you won't have as much flexibility, and it will really only be good for metal or jazz(with most of them anyway)
But are the prices low enough? I don't need to buy them now and I can search more for a lower price? How much do these guitars usually go for used?
The 2 guitars are apples and oranges but, of the 2 I would go for the Epi. You can play metal on a Les Paul just as well on an Ibenhad.

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