I just joined the UG community and have also just begun songwriting, and i have been wondering some stuff about lyrics. Most of the questions I had were answered in the stickied thread for songwriting/lyrics tips, but i couldn't find the answer to one of them.

How long does it take some of you to think of lyrics? do you all just kinda feel it and get done with it in a few minutes? or does it take a few days maybe? I'm just wondering because i have read some of the lyrics on this site, and just wonder how long the person actually took to write it.

Thank you all for your reply's! =D
i think it varies. most stuff i write takes days, sometimes weeks. sometimes, when im lucky, i can write some good lines in minutes. i dont think songwriting should be rushed though
Although I've written tons of songs, I do not consider myself a songwriter by any means. I know I've had a song come together lyrically and musically in about 15 minutes, but thats super rare. Most of the time, I'll just be out driving or something and something pops into my head (a phrase, concept, etc) and If I like it enough, I'll build off of that. Actually most of the songs I've written have been built around a chorus, or a verse that I thought up and like I said, sometimes it just flows out like water, and other times it takes forever to all get out, like molasses.

I literally have about a journal's worth of half written songs that I havent touched for years...I think its just one of those things that happens naturally. For me anyway.

I dunno about you, but I end up hating about 90% of the things I write, but I feel like most people that write do to...haha

Good luck man. I'd like to hear some of your work
my songs are few and far between, people tell me that they're actually really good even though i'm not that overly confident about them.

i usually write songs in about half an hour to an hour. just one burst of writing and that'll be it then for 6-8 weeks... then maybe another song, or a riff or something. i don't go out my way to practise and create riffs for a particular set of lyrics, i just play and have fun and think if it fits then try it out, if not just carry on having fun.

i take music seriously, sure i do, but it's not life and death to me, my guitars and music is a way of escaping from everything, relaxing and having a nice time, not to get stressed because nothing fits. it will in the end, just keep playing.
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again, thank you for answering my question you guys, I appreciate it =D
When I write songs it's usually when I'm genuinely affected by something and they just come to me straight away
But I can only usually get out a verse and a chorus
and it's usually the best part of the song, the rest of it tends to feel forced because i know i have to finish it but I've usually dealt with what I'm feeling within the first set of lyrics I come out with
So it can take ages
I don't settle for shit lyrics, cus I can't stand listening to songs with them myself
Some come fairly quickly. Others have taken months. I'll write them, put them aside, and keep revising for a long time.
The actual writing takes less than ten minutes. I generally think about something for a little bit, then say "Hey, I'll write about that". I can just sit down and pump it out. I also don't believe in revising stuff too much, if at all. It shouldn't be taking you a long time to write a song, lyrics-wise. Don't revise a piece for weeks or months . Just don't do it. Write it and move on.
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I disagree about not revising for very long...I think songs improve if they keep evolving. Obviously if you are happy with it after 10 minutes, that's awesome. I wish I could do that. But if two months down the road you think of a killer line to replace an old one, by all means, put that in the song.
You shouldn't be dwelling on one song for months at a time though. If you are doing that, there's no way you can evolve and improve as a writer. If you just sit and twiddle your thumbs while thinking of ways to improve something you've already written, how much better are you actually going to get? In my opinion, you'd be better off worrying about writing the next piece better.
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I think it depends on the song. Some times, the music just reminds you of something, a theme a person a period of time, and it just comes to you. Then there are some songs where the lyrics or melody doesn't click as fast and it takes some time.
Leonard Cohen is commonly regarded as one of the best songwriters ever, and he took a very long time to write some songs. Bob Dylan, on the other hand, claims that he usually writes a song in about 15 minutes.

How quickly or how slowly you do it doesn't really matter, as long as you're at least somewhat satisified with the end result.