I have this old SG style guitar I inherited from my late grandad. There is a picture on my profile and if you need any other views just ask. The guitar seems to be from the 80s-90s. I know about the Japanese guitar make of the same time period Westone. However the layout of the logo on the SG's headstock is WEST with the ONE under.. Any info at all would be much appreciated, thanks.
Nobody knows anything? Even about the (different or same) brand Westone?
Edit: ^Dammit!


I think you'll find this useful. It's like vintagekramer.com, but for this company.

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I had one of these - identical to yours - it could even be the same guitar. These were distributed in the UK through the Bell music catalogue. My Dad bought mine for me in '75 so they go back at least that far. I had a small amp with the guitar which I think had the same 'West One' badge. Seeing your picture takes me back.