I am most likely going to buy a Mesa Mark V soon and would like to get the head and a 2x12 cab instead of just getting the Mark V combo with only one speaker. I figure having the head and a cab will allow more headroom and will let me change heads or speakers in the future more easily, if I decide to do so. I only want a 2x12 for now, do to the fact that it is more portable. Only thing is, buying the head with a mesa cab is really expensive. Anyone know of some good 2x12 cabs that are cheap and reliable. I play a lot of metal (metallica, a7x, dethklok, trivium, killswitch engage, dream theater) as well as classic rock.
try a framus dragon 212, it's loaded with v30 and those cabs are not really expensive.
and please don't go too cheap on the cab...
a nice head is not everything
Framus CS212.

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He lives in the US, Framus is not a cheap option unless he gets lucky.

Avatar/Lopoline/Used Mesa/etc. will get you what you want.
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preferably i would like to not spend over 400 dollars but i'm not 100% sure about the budget.
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^ You can get a used Mesa 2x12 or a new Avatar 2x12 within your budget.
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How about carvin cabs? Like a 2x12 legacy cab or the G212. They are pretty cheap, but are they good quality?