Hey guys,
Well, i think i need some help over here :/
I'm kinda confused between getting a jackson rr24 or a bc rich WMD.
I read lots of good and bad comments about the warbeast wmd.
The thing is that, a RR24 costs 2400$ in my country and a WMD costs 1000$
so is a RR24 really worth paying this much ? or a bc rich WMD would be a better choice?
IS a RR24 a lot better than a WMD or the differences are negligible when it comes to sound quality ?
I would really appreciate your help
In my experience, the Jackson Rhoads' are made for a very specific sound, which I find to be very trebly and biting- very 80s. The BC Richs' are known for a solid mid/low growl. Personally, I like a sharper sound. But I play punk, and I only use solid-state amps, so I get all the gain and bite I need from my amp. Also, there's a lot of difference in those 2 body styles. You gonna play sitting down? And consider resale value, too. I think a Jackson would hold its value a little better than a BC. But only to a very select few. Those are both specialised instruments. Tough choice, but I think the Jackson is a little classier, and not as cartoony, although I love BC Rich guitars as well. Good luck! Personally, I'd buy an Explorer.
Unless you can play both at the same time, asking here is just getting speculative answers. Some people with say the Jackson just cause they hate BC Rich, I may say the BC Rich since I'm a big fan.

That being said I'd go with the Warbeast, I prefer the stock pickups it comes with, the woods it's made out of, lack of inlays and you get a neck pickup.
I'd go with the Jackson. I have nothing against BC Rich, but after playing a virgin and a warlock and then a DK2M and a JS30WR Warrior, I have to say I'd take Jackson over BC Rich any day. But the choice is entirely up to you. Don't let us decide for you.
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Well, the thing is that I like the RR24 better, but i'm not sure if it's really worth paying 1400$ more than the original price in the US, it's almost like buying and driving a 3000$ car for 10000$.
It just feels wrong :/ I also like the warbeast, but the RR24 looks more classic and not too devilish :P
That's why i asked this question, i really like the RR24 better, but i'm kinda short in resources.
Based on that, would you advise me to save enough money for the Jackson, or it's just not worth the price paid for the differences in performance ?
Sorry for asking so many questions, but I'm really confused and i really appreciate your help.
For the same money you could ship a second hand RR1 from the states.
Just sayin'.
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