Hi everyone.
I have an Ibanez RG170DX, and I am looking to buy my next guitar. My price range is $700 - $800. My styles are metal, classic rock, and a little pop.

I like the Ibanez DN500K - Nice shape, like the pick-up switching system, like the tight-tune bridge, apparently balances well (not neck heavy or anything like that), like the set-in neck, pick-ups look good for the price, Very curious about the sapele body.

The Gibson Epiphone Les Paul standard Looks good. But I haven't found much information on it.

This is just to give an idea of what kind of guitar I want. Of course, If anyone could recommend a better guitar suited to my needs, that would be much appreciated too. Cheers
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personally id get the the dn if it came in left handed ive played a few they were nice
ive also played quite a few epiphone les pauls and some were great some where meh and some were terrible
but i guess you shuold try them out until you find one you like
I'm biased since I own one, but, a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser is a brilliant guitar; in fact, that was my upgrade from an Epi Les Paul Standard . A Fender HSS Strat might be a bit more versatile though, if you want a more vintage feel in a guitar. Those are probably your best bet.
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DO NOT GET AN EPIPHONE! For $800 you could get a brand new Gibson Les Paul Studio.
Or a much nicer used one. I would suggest buying used over buying new. You will ultimately get a better instrument at a lower price. The Gibson Studio will handle all of those styles very well. But if you like a bit more metal I would suggest getting the more expensive studio(used) because it will have hotter pickups(490R/498T) as opposed to the ones in the faded(the one that costs $800 new) equipped with Burstbucker Pro's.
You could also look at the SG Special Faded as well if you're interested in Gibson. They go for $700 brand new.

Seriously if you're spending more than $400 on a guitar, there is no point in buying epiphone when you can buy a much much nicer used Gibson.

Craigslist, and the used section of guitar center are really the best places to look imo.

EDIT:Heres the studio
Seeing you were interested in the Epi LP.. you should check out Schecter Tempest. I have the Tempest Custom which is an awesome guitar. The Epiphone is really well built but the draw back is the poor pickups which arn't very good. Hope this helped!
you could probably get a Gibson Les Paul Studio for that price range.
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I think the schecter has better hardware (TOM bridge, Locking tuners). But it seems to be designed for just metal. Does Schecter hav an equally impressive all-rounder model with a fixed bridge and active pickups?
most guitar with active pickups are not meant to be "all-rounders". Actives don't really respond to well to anything other than metal. So the answer to your question is no.

You really should look at a Les Paul Studio

Lp's are probably the most versatile guitar out there imo.
What kind of tuners are on the Ibanez DN 500?
Does Schecter make any kind of all-rounder.
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