I got a used Epi SG last year around September, I think it's maybe 3 years old at most. The frets have been getting a little worn and i have some annoying buzz issues.

There are a few frets that get a minor buzz, and when I am playing a specific part on the 17th (usually a bent low E) the sound completely cancels out and i can feel the string shift, so I'm thinking there's a divet there.

Also some of the higher string upper frets have buzz, I tweak with the action now and then but it seems pretty persistent.

Basically I need fret work, but I've never had experience working with frets and don't want to DIY it unless I know exactly what I'm doing and have all the tools.

I live in Calgary, I know of a few places but they're rather expensive and I don't know how good they'll be, can't find many testimonies.

What should I do?

I'll record sound of the issues and post a link in a sec.
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You need your frets recapped, take it to a luthier or guitar tech. there must be someone in your area with a good reputation.

Expect to pay $90 dollars or more. (It costs me about that usually) but he will also be forced to set up and intonate the guitar, so that should be included in the price.
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That's what happened to my father's '73 Yamaha acoustic. Frets were completely worn down. I had to pay almost $200 to get the guitar playable again.
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Yeah, sounds like the frets are actually worn down. Do you use a fairly heavy string gauge, or steel strings? Do you do lots of heavy bending? Is your fretboard (and the fretwire) exposed to much moisture, or changes in heat and humidity? All of these things can wear down the fretwire quicker.

Either way, you'll need to get the neck re-fretted. This means working out what size fretwire you want (most luthiers go by Dunlop's sizes, so research those) and it will cost quite a lot. Honestly, often with guitars like Epiphones, Squiers, Mexican-made standard Fenders, ect, it can be cheaper to just buy a whole new guitar than it would be to have an existing guitar re-fretted.
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so what I'm thinking is that I'll keep this guy until it kicks the bucket (becomes actually unplayable), save up money in that time period and then buy a new guitar? Maybe even an actual gibby, I've seen les paul studios for around $1000 which is pretty nice.