i have a £100 budget and currently have a terrible bass amp, i'd like something that could contend with an acoustic drum kit in a small practice room so preferably above 20W

any more details needed will be edited in my post
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No, Marshall bass amps are pretty weak compared to other companies. If you're in the UK, Ashdown will be your best bet on a budget.


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Anything by Markbass or Ampeg. You can't go wrong with them.

Unless it's a low-end ampeg, in which case you can get much much better for the same amount of cash. If you can find a used markbass combo in that range, by all means go for it though.

I second the ashdown suggestion for your side of the pond. I know peaveys are dirt cheap solid beginner amps with decent power over hear, but suspect they probably cost a fair bit more over there. If not, check them out as well.
ok thanks a lot guys i shall have a look for some ashdown amps, any really good stuff with lots of wattage that are dirt cheap second hand in the UK? would be appreciated
in the meantime will anybody be able to help me out on what model i should get exactly?
I'm confused as to why this is in the guitar section.....

Anyways, I would suggest a cheap Trace-Elliot :/
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