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4 36%
dark red
2 18%
2 18%
3 27%
Voters: 11.
cuatro días, voto múltiple,
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We drive past the crash scene
Where mistakes met in the fatal accumulation of possibilities
I long to be among that wreck
My life scattered amidst the broken glass and twisted metal of peace
My mind sent flying through the windshield
Opening to the calm of the end
And maybe, as the Jaws of Life come too late
I can be free

Paramedic’s rush though they know it’s too late
But what do I care, I cannot care
Their valiant efforts to save a life are jeopardizing the death I longed to find
But they don’t know, they cannot know
And so they try, to save me, from my brightest dream, my true desire
A peaceful end to my torment

The car comes quickly around the turn
But not too quickly to register
My body screamed stop, but my mind slammed on the gas
In hopes it could erase all the mistakes
And so as the possibilities soar through my mind
Like my broken remains through the glass
I find peace within myself
Wrongs righted with the push of a pedal,
The crash of a car
The end of a life

And so I pass the wreck, a wreck myself
Unsure of my next move, my next breath
But all I know is that one day the fatal accumulation of possibilities
Will one day find me
And perhaps, just maybe, the end will be all it’s cut out to be
And I can be free


Falling through the fabricated lies,
Taking every step to realise,
Flittering consciousness,
Weaving in between the feeble minds,

Distancing yourself from every fear,
Channeling heartache through a tear,
Jump again, brace yourself,
Frantically searching in the mirror,

Help yourself, Release yourself again,
If only to release yourself from pain,
Hopelessly struggle to your feet,
And Brace yourself, your journey shall begin,

Jet black eyes searching in your soul,
Breaking down the pieces from the whole,
Mesmerising, fantasising,
Fill your life with things you can control,

Help yourself, Release yourself again,
If only to release yourself from pain,
Hopelessly struggle with your dreams,
And Brace yourself, your journey shall begin,

The sky screams with the chorus of a thousand weeping seraphs.
Beauty flows like blood and encircles me in it's embrace.
Still i walk aimlessly into the blackness.

The darkest perpetuation of my own fathom
Has limited the sight in my eyes,
But has strengthened my mind.

Touching, feeling, pressing myself against
This wall of anguish I hear that which doesn't sound,
See that which cannot be seen,
And feel that which cannot be felt.

I have heard the angels sing their silent song of dissolution.


From where in silence does my good God see
The wailing of imagined corners or
The tribulations known to none but me?
I may remain behind the golden door,
For deafness rings quite clearly in my ear,
For blindness wastes all grace I have surveyed,
And less of faith sits in my heart than fear.
The strength of my own will has not assuaged
The doubt that silence marks an absent Voice,
But loudly as the world does howl in pain,
There is that silence in which to rejoice.
Peace, peace, in faithful stillness I attain.
To quiet concentration I adjourn,
Again to blessed silence I return.
Purple was awesome.

So was Red.

The others were good too, but Purple really stood out.

Quote by Våd Hamster
Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.