So do you guys like Coated Phosphor Bronze or none coated strings. As of the past year I have been using Martin SP4100s and seem to love them. They just seem to have a cleaner sound then coated strings. What do you guys think? Lets say D'Addario EJ16 vs. D'Addario EXP16, can you guys tell the difference? Also do you guys use Lights or Mediums? I switched to lights and have been using them for the past few years. I just bought a new martin D-15 (came with Martin SP4200s) and I love the sound. I don't know if the guitar is just that good or if the medium strings are making a big difference in sound over my Seagull S6 with Martin SP4100s on it.
i dont like how coated strings feel they feel sticky to me
and i prefer medium over light strings for the sound
I like coated strings because they seem to last longer to me. I typically use Elixirs.

As for gauge, one of my acoustics is strung with light gauge, the other medium. The mediums feel more "right" to me on most things.
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DR coated are great, coated tend to loose tone faster than quality so they're better if your low on cash
I tried Elixir but I hated the slick feel. I just buy regular Martin medium strings for one guitar, and use D'Addario on the other.
I've Bought my share of Coated Strings.

Use to play D'Addario EXP's good strings, never had any problems, affordable.

Bought one pair of Elixar's and swore I'd never do it again, I think they use a proprietary mixture of hype and crap in the string coating.

Bought a Pair of the Ernie Ball's Coated ones once, liked them but too expensive.

Played all sorts of other strings.

Martin Silk and Steel, I loved them, if I ever get a parlor sized guitar then I'll spend the extra green to keep those on there, but they die quick on a longer scale.

Ernie Ball Earth Wound, I had a pair of bronze ones on my cheap guitar for over 6 months, not bad strings not great strings, and I feel the same about the Phosphor ones too.

SIT Strings, my favorite Cheap As Hell strings, stands for Stay In Tune, the Pawn shop down the street sells them $5.25, made in the USA, and they are no shit better than the Ernie Balls, they have earned the spot in my Guitar case for the Emergency Set 'o Strings.

DR Rares, Phosphor Bronze and I love these strings, if it weren't for these I'd still be paying more for the D'Addario EXP's. I just can't get over how good these strings are all around, I love the feel and responsiveness. They age really really well, and can take some good abuse, my cheap guitar fell 4 months ago while playing at the creek and the low E got this knarly kink in in it, still on the guitar, no buzz, no tuning problems, nothing.

All in all the only reason I liked coated strings was because of the taste, I hate the way Phosphor Bronze taste, that penny taste, ICK. I love that thing the do to your ears though.

Bronze Strings sound really good for about three hours. After that they are okay, but I just find it frustrating the difference between today and yesterday when it comes to a new set of Bronze strings.
Coated strings. My hand oils seem to oxidize normal bronze strings within days..and i just cant deal with that horrible rusty/acrid string smell.
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