So, I'm looking for a nice, affordable EQ pedal, (preferably under $50) and so far a Danlectro Fish and Chips 7Band EQ is my best bet, with good bypass and the works, seems like a good choice.
Should I get it? $30 off of MF, seems like a great deal.
Thanks, hopefully I get some helpful replies.
i like my fish and chips. it works pretty well. the only gripes i have with it are:

when it runs low on battery, it makes this crazy squealing sound (use a power source and it's fine)
the pedal housing and jacks are kinda flimsy since they're made of plastic.

the pedal does a really good job as an eq, though. comparable with the more expensive boss and mxr ones if i recall correctly.
See if you can find a used rack EQ. A used DOD FX40b is a good choice too.
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well, I don't really care too much about of the flimsiness of the pedal (unless if it crumples in my hand.) Aslong as it can boost, and get sufficient tone shaping for a extra solo component, I'm all for it.