Hi UG. After roaming around the forums here and doing some reading elsewhere for a while I'm fairly decided on buying a Laney GH50l and a Mesa Boogie 1x12 or 2x12 Recto cab. I wanted to get some feedback before I go ahead and make the big purchase, especially since here in Brisbane I haven't had a chance to try out a GH50l in person.

I'd mainly be playing Opeth like cleans (beautiful cleans very important) and heavy stuff, like early Metallica, Hordes of Chaos by Kreator, Misanthrope by Death, Downfall by Children of Bodom for example. I think you can see why I went for the Laney. Btw I'd be playing with a LTD MH-400.

Now this is for bedroom playing so I am still arguing with myself if a combo might be better, but I'm not sure if there's a combo that could give me the same type and quality of sound I want from the GH50l. The Peavey Classic 30 did make it to my shortlist for it's cleans, but for distortion I think I'd be better off playing the Laney rather than Classic + OD pedal.

As for the cab, since it's for the bedroom 1x12 will be more than plenty power wise, but after reading other people's opinions I'm wondering if 2x12 would give me better sound quality, or perhaps I should say give me sound closer to what I want. I have considered going for a cheaper brand, but I'm also thinking as a bedroom guitarist if I got a Mesa Boogie, it'd be a pleasure to play that I'd be happy with the rest of my life so I should just fork out the money this once.

Please let me know what you think or give me suggestions if you think some other gear would be better.
Sounds like a good setup for thrash to me. The 2x12 cab wont really be louder, it'll just spread the sound out more. It might also have different speakers, depending on which cab you get, the Recto 2x12 has V30's, I think the Recto 1x12 also has a V30, but the other Mesa 1x12s have different speakers too.
Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad the 2x12 won't be louder because I don't need anymore volume. It sounds like the 2x12 might be what I'm looking for. And I definitely want V30's.