My pedal board as of now is just ME-50 into the Decimator, into the 6505. On occasion the ME-50 will begin blinking its low battery sign and cause tiny clicks in the sound... strange thing is its plugged into my pedal board. There is still power going through and the decimator takes care of the tiny clicking, but im just wondering if anyone knows of any solutions? the pedal board is plugged into the wall, not a surge protector, so i dont know where its getting a low battery? Should i spray some electrical cleaner in there?

Also another strange thing is it only happens part of the time, i noticed the other day at band practice when my bass player was playing that it kept flashing the low battery whenever he hit a lower note, possibly theres a loose connection?

Thanks in advance!
What you have sir is an electrical problem! check connections!

Also, does it give you low battery when you have everything else unplugged, and its just the pedal on?

Since this is "on occasion" thing, something might have been ungrounded, or as you mentioned a connection. Check those.
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