Would using a Dimarzio X2N pickup in the bridge along with my 6505+ be complete overkill? By overkill i mean like a big gainy mess woth no note clarity, no achievable cleans and stuff like that. also would it have a good tone?
Well it would be a super high output stuff....but as long as you don't have the gain up too high on the amp it should sound fine and have clarity.
Probably sound awesome with some tweaking. I run a 81 EMG bridge with the same amp, gain is never past 6 though, usually about 5. Lovely.
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I had one of those in a schecter sounded way too brittle just get a normal output pickup
or you will lose some clarity on the lower notes
I haven't had the (dis)pleasure of trying one but I've always herd that the X2N was rather muddy and over powered.

Actually, I think it says something to that effect in an official pickup buying thread somewhere around here.
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