A few months ago, I made a trade with a friend. I traded my really crappy drum set (pearl set, 5 piece, nothin special) for this Kramer guitar. Its a Offset V, Quadrail humbuckers, Grover tuners, locking nut and some shitty tremelo "Floyd rose". I've made a lot of adjustments to it, lowered the action and such. The real question is: when was this made and what kind is it? THe headstock is a banana, rounded. 24 frets, metallic blue. Serial number is S01040192. All i know is that its from a long(ish) time ago, and it was made in korea or somethin. Help?
Probably a Kramer Vanguard but that's about all I can tell you.
It sounds just like a Kramer Vanguard. I like that particular model alot more than the new ones(in the looks department at least)

Id keep it, swap out the tremelo, and maybe the pups if they dont sound good, and then go learn something its required to play with your hair teased up