Some official photos...or art just got released for Thor and Captain America.

I thought this would be a good place to discuss the Avengers movie and all the single heroes that make them up.
I saw those pics a few days ago. They look pretty cool. I'm hoping the individual movies are good, and I'm hoping the Avengers movie is good.
Holy shit Will Ferrel is Thor.
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Hopefully none

Does anyone know any fun recipes?
Yeah a big juicy flank steak

What can be done with tofu?
Nothing it taste like crap

Is there such thing as vegan meat? Vegan sausages ect
Thor looks like a beast! Thor's was always my favorite Avenger.
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That is the wimpiest hammer I've ever seen.
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I was like "Damn that looks like Chris Evans..."

Then I IMDBed that shit. AND I WAS RIGHT!
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Jeremy Renner from Hurt Locker is gonna be Hawkeye

Hugo Weaving is Red Skull
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Oh hell yeah, this should be good fun...
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Best Avengers news so far: Joss Whedon is directing.

Favreau still producing?
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