Alone, a path at night.
Steadily marching on to the beat of my own drum.
The far-away flash of lightning, only to be dulled by the steady burn of street lamps.

Alone, literally and figuratively.
Moving onward, searching for rest.
Breathing in the moist night air.
In, out, a momentary lapse of concentration, reminding myself to breathe again.

Alone, Wishing you were here.
The houses on both sides looking on in a forboding manner, their unwelcome windows dark.
My thoughts bouncing off the sides of my skull, what to think, I no longer know.
To try and find a thread I can pick out and follow, not a chance.
At last, a place to rest my head.

Alone, inside this darkened shelter.
This place is not my home, however I can lay down here for the night.
I don't belong here, no matter how welcome I may be.
Home is people, not an empty house.

Alone, up the stairs to my room.
Crawling into bed, ready for the escape from reality that awaits.
To sleep away the woes of the day, and sadly the things I wish hadn't ended.

Alone, looking out the window waiting for the rising sun.
Wishing for nothing more than a new day. A wish that will be granted, but my own impatience damns me.

Alone, simply the beat of my drum again as I drift away into subconscious bliss.