What are you favorite homemade bomb stories? I'll start...

Tonight I was at my friends house and out of no where he was like lets make a bomb and set it off. So I was like **** ya man lets do it. So we cut a hole in this solid wiffle ball and fill it with powder from 4 mortars, some M-80s, firecrackers, sparkle bombs... anything he had left over from last year. Then we packed it nice and tight with some TP and ducktaped the hole shut with a wick stickin out. On the way outside (at 11:30PM) my friend lets his mom know that we are goin to set off a firework... she thought it was just gonna be a firecracker or something lol. So we go outside, place it on the ground far from everything, light it, and run for our lives. We thought it was just gonna catch on fire and be a dud but we were very wrong. That thing made the loudest boom I'd heard in a while and there were colorful fire balls shooting in every direction. We barely escaped with our lives lol. Needless to say his dad ran outside after being interupted from his movie and was like WTF and he was like I told mom. His neighbor from like 15 houses down said he heard and that it sounded like a gunshot. GREAT SUCCESS!!
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This doesn't sound like a good idea.
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