Well I play bass but I want to start playing a little bit of guitar and needed some help from everyone here.

Which do you recommend the ESP LTD Viper 50 or Schecter Omen 6??
Reason I have narrowed it down to these two is because A. They are not too pricey & B. They are some of the few guitars I can actually find LEFT HANDED.

Give me your advice.

Thanks everyone.
I own a Schecter omen 6 extreme and it is perfect for your first guitar, since you can get a pretty nice sound out of it for a lot of styles. I use it for everything from metal to jazz and it's pretty much ok in sound. Could do better on the single coils but if you just start out that doesn't really bother you I guess.
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Thanks dude, badass.
Yea, I was thinkin' maybe later on I'll replace them with some Seymour Duncans or something if I get serious.

What kinda amp you got?