Hey guys, im in the market for a guitar with distortion....
none of my guitars have distortion
any brands you guys recommend?
surely its the amp/effects pedal that gives distortion...

if you're into modding you can buy on-board effects from the internet and fix it up yourself, alternatively check out http://www.mansons.co.uk/ they make custom gutiars with on board effects, matt bellamy from muse uses them.
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Judging by the gear he has already it's a troll, one that fails to be funny at that.
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If you're not a troll, and if you mean a distortion unit built into a guitar, that's pretty useless
He's actually telling the truth, Langcaster, A guitar company in New Zealand actually builds guitars with built-in overdrive, something to do with the pickup signal.
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Is this thread serious or not? It's hard to tell, because there are guitars out there with in-built distortion circuits, and you can also get aftermarket battery powered fx units that go inside your guitar... why you'd want that, when you can get the same thing in pedal form, is a different story.

but Vox used to make a guitar with battery powered FX built in including fuzz, before FX pedals were popularised - it looked something (well, exactly) like this:

and Ian Curtis is probably the only person who ever used one for anything but he didn't seem to use the fuzz, he just used to run it into a clean amp and make a god awful cacophonous metallic piercing treble-heavy noise...

Also the obvious one nowadays is manson.. but manson guitars don't come cheap.
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