i like it

for a verse type section, what you started at bar 31 would work great -- same chords as intro, with double-time feel from the drums (and maybe just kick-snare-kick-snare instead of kick-snare-kickkick-snare)
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The intro was pretty good, it built upon itself, the contrast from 25-28 worked nicely, however bar 31 is just a bit messy in contrast, and since your speed as increased a lot in that section I'd like for rhythm of bar 31-32 to repeat twice, otherwise it just feels as if it's disjointed

Bars 7-8 I felt as if you should've gone lower, rather than hgiher like you did

As far as progressing the song, it's impossible to tell someone how they should write their own songs... Bit perhaps fixing the previous section will guide you to an end for the song

Not much CC given here because there's not much to CC on, (even though your question was how to lengthen the song)

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