Hey all, I'm thinking of buying either a Carvin CS3, CT3, or DC400 for my next guitar. I'm a semi-professional musician, and am the lead guitarist in a melodic death-metal band. I'm considering a Carvin mostly due to aesthetic appeal, and the fact that you can customize just about every feature. I'll be using it mostly live, running through my Peavey 6505 head with an Avatar cab loaded with celestion v30s. I usually refrain from getting anything with EMG active pick-ups. Don't get me wrong, they are great, but I just find that they are overused, and lack in the clean department.

Do you guys have good experience with Carvin? Which of the 3 guitars do you prefer and would you suggest getting a Carvin for death metal?

One of my friends got a seven string from them, and its amazing. He said that the pickups are a little lacking (I think that he's going to put some Dimarzios in it) but other than that, its one of the best guitars I've seen. I'd put the neck on par with a JEM.
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My Carvin blows everything in the same price range way out of the water. Its not so much which guitar to get for death but more-so which features. I would highly suggest the stainless steel frets, and the 14'' fretboard radius. Makes bending so effortless. You might want to consider the fact that the DCs have a neck trough construction which allows for easier access if you play up high a bunch, as well as 24 frets.
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