Hi there!

Just seen a Alba semi-acoustic guitar for sale and is going really cheap, i just wanted to know if anyone knew anything about it? I belive its called an 'Alba semi-acoustic es'?
Haha oh my.

I've got one of their strats, bought it for £40 when I started playing.

To be most honest, they're not all that great, the only reason why I've still got mine is because I've kinda grown attached to it and I've never really had the money to replace it.
I just want something to get me off the ground and I like semi-solid guitars, but a half decent one is way out of my price range....like I said im just looking for something that can get me bak into it
it looks decent, if its going fairly cheap id jump on it, for in the future youll have a sweet loooking guitar to hang from your wall if you replace it
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very good point i have bought it and will have to wait and see if its any good