Hello every my name is Mark and i am new to this forum, i've been planing to join it for ages but never had the time.

Anyway i've started a terrible habbit with the guitar and thats starting to play songs i randomly listen to that are to hard for me to totally 100% learn and i always just end up knowing half the song now i wanna start from fresh all over again. Has anyone got any recommendations for what i should do? I also have a very big problem with solo's i cannot seem to get them right or get my fingers moving at the correct speed. I've been playing guitar for about 5 years and i really wanna start getting better at it.

Thanks alot in advance.
hmmm, im kind of the same as you, most people will say play at a slower speed with a metronome but personally I hate the damn things, if theres a song i want to learn and I'm struggling with a section I will write it up on guitar pro (or download it) and set it at a slower pace, that way its easier to follow once ive got that set tempo down 2 or 3 times ill increase it by a couple and keep repeating till i get to the right tempo.

Also its a good idea to stretch your fingers before playing if you dont already do so.
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hey man i had the same problem and ive been playing for about 6 years.
all i did was find some scales on the net and just practiced and practiced and practiced.
thats pretty much all you gotta do.
Yep, Same for me, I was learning licks, but not the right way.
So I took every lick and song I've every learnt
Cut it into bits.
Put my metronome on, started again.
Basically, metronome comes first, read some stuff about timing and rhythm too.
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Right i see, i should buy guitar pro then. I've tried out the free trials and so far very impressed with what it can do. Thanks alot for the advice all.
You should also consider learning easier songs first which develop fundamentals that you can then apply to expert pieces later.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.