I would argue this one is very high priority.

It sucks to have to chase a long line across the screen, because then you have to scroll all the way back as well as down to get to the next line. And play the guitar at the same time :p
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Surely it'd screw the tab up (have you seen what happens to tabs with word wrap)?

Tabs are reliant on 6 lines (normally) and so all 6 lines would need to be wrapped, whereas word-wrap just works on single lines.
Unless the programmers decided to work on a version which worked for all strings (which they most probably won't because you can have any number of lines in theory) this can't be done.
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I don't think it would be too hard to make an algorithm that spots a set of six strings, and wrap that to screen. I will work on it if the dev-team are interested but can't see a clear way. I can't code because I have RSI but algorithms is my speciality.

Similarly for chords, it would need to spot { chords, lyrics } pairs of lines and wrap both together.

It is nontrivial. But also not rocket science. And would be a killer feature.

I guess if it screws up a particular song than the user could always turn the feature back off again.