I'm currently trying to find a new guitar. Hopfully you guys can help me out
Here's what I need from it:
- to be under AU$2500 (US$2000, £1450)
- to have a good smooth dist tone, but also clean up nicely
- to have a fast neck/ be good for fast, shred playing
- to be equipped with a good Floyd Rose.
- preferrably to have 24 frets.

It will be used for primarily rock and metal, mostly the likes of Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker, Steve Vai, etc.

The reason for my purchase (not that anyone cares ) is that I play in a hardcore band and its a real incovenience for me to keep changing the tuning of my only guitar from Drop A#/Drop B to E standard all the time. I think its also pretty bad for the guitar.

Back on topic :specific models would help me the most.
Any suggestions?
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A PRS swamp ash special would suit all your needs.
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i dont know about Carvin but i got a Washburn WM24V (it has a Floyd but you can get them w/o it) and its got a slim neck made of Carbon Epoxy/Fiberglass combo stuff thats really fast and smooth and easy to work with
check out some sg's there fairly cheap these days

i recently bought a gibson faded flying v for about a grand (yes, we r in the same country ) check those out, some people think the faded series are all just like budget gibsons but there not, the neck is better imo and the only diff between my v and the standard is the finish.

gibson melody makers tho, THEY are budget gibsons
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I was thinking a Floyd Rose bridge.

http://guitarsatbmusic.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=12212 Do it!!!

Otherwise there are a lot of guitars out there that have floyd rose bridges and are suited to be brutalz so you'll probably need to be more specific with like pretty much everything. Alternatively just going down to guitar store can seal the deal if you find something jizz-worthy.
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have a look at that site to get an idea of what ibanez j custom you want.