This is the reason I bought an iPhone! although I didn't know it at the time. finally the wait is over! congratulations guys -- this is really slick.

Now I can whistle a song into sound hound and within 30 seconds bring up the chords.

Apple are going to be very happy with you as well -- I can see this application boosting their iPhone sales massively.

I have been using other methods up till now, such as jail breaking my iPhone to get access to the file system, sticking all of my songs in a folder and using iFile, and synchronising the folder with my MacBook -- what a hassle!

MySongBook is the closest, but it is 1000 miles off -- it is so difficult to edit and get any control over your song collection. I assume you guys have played around with that app.

I was working on a guitar companion device like this four years back, but didn't have the clout to pull it off.

I am very glad to have this app!

Keep up the good work!

love and light