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I am currently at the planning stage of building my new guitar and was wondering if any of you could forsee any problems with. The guitar plan is as follows:

mahogany body
Gibson SG shape
Gibson SG junior style scratchplate
Dimarzio FS-1 in middle position
Gibson Black Dog ear P-90 in neck position(I have never used the bridge pup in any of guitars(les paul, prs swamp ash, tele, strat etc. Which is why I don't have one)
Two pup on/off switches
500K volume pot
250K tone pot(wired to output of volume pot so as to achieve a treble bleed affect)
24 fret maple warmoth neck
mini grover tuners
tune o matic bridge

Thanks in advance
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You forgot the knobs.
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If I was you, which I'm not... I'd do binding around the edges, then do clear finishes on both. With the binding to sorta seperate the two.
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