I bought a new 'memory toy' pedal a few days ago, it worked fine and I liked it.

Now it doesn't do anything, it turns on but dosen't do delay. I've flicked around all the settings on the pedal and my amp, and swapped cables, but still nothing.

This is my first pedal so I don't really know what i'm doing, why won't it work?!
Is the bypassed tone still coming through?
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if its a memory toy thats the problem , they are known to be very unreliable
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Quote by Gord@k
Is the bypassed tone still coming through?

Yeah it is, sometimes i also hear a faint buzzing delay but not the real thing.
Have you checked the battery (if you use one)?

I assume you bought it new, if so just return it.
Maybe the delay is like ................really .................delayed.

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The battery, the battery. Lalalalala. Check it!
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change the battery.

If that doesn't help, try opening up the back and pushing the circuit board in. I'm not sure if it was the Memory Toy, but I remember reading that there was a delay that had a bad rep because the PCBs weren't properly "installed" or whatever. It might just click into place, I dunno.
ermmm battery change?
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