i have a vox vt30, how do i get more distortion, should i get a distortion pedal, i like almost all types of rock
I believe most people would tell you to first get an overdrive pedal like an Ibanez TS-808 or TS-9. That should bump your gain as much as you need it.
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Is the vox valve?
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That amp should have enough gain for most music.


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nope the vox is a hybrid modelling amp - there's no reason why the amp wouldn't have more gain than anyone will ever need for any type of rock, how hard can it be to adjust the settings?
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yes it think it is

You would be wrong.
Generally people say distortion pedals sound kinda poor through cheap modellers, however you'd have to try it I wouldn't know because I don't like modellers.

Whats your budget for the pedal?
Would you go used?
Where abouts are you in the world? Nearest City?
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i know what you're talking about
my friend, paul, has a vt30 and he used complain abt the distortion all the time, and he thought it was because he used an epiphone les paul
he recently went to japan and bought a jackson stars sl1, made in japan, emgs, original floyd rose, mahogany body, neck through
now THAT is a high end metal guitar, but he still cant get a decent distortion
and i've tried his amp aswell. i can get a better metal tone on my vypyr 30 and my squier SSS strat than his jackson stars sl1.

it's partly his fault because he thought the tube would give him better tone but he didn't try it properly before buying

anyway, he recently bought a line 6 pod and plugged it into his amp to get better rock tones, and i guess it worked. u could certainly benefit from some kind of distortion pre amp.
try a boss ds1 or maybe the low end zoom mutifx with expression pedal. these are relatively cheap solutions to your problem

good luck man!
Quote by brenton393
i have a vox vt30, how do i get more distortion, should i get a distortion pedal, i like almost all types of rock

You don't need more distortion, the amp has more than enough gain for any kind of rock.
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which amp model are you using? what's your guitar?
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