Hey UG
Would it be possible to have one of the outputs from my Line 6 POD UX1 to go into my amp (Spider IV) to work as a speaker? And if so, would i use the guitar input (because i know the cleans arent true cleans, and the sound would come out distorted), or would it be better to use the Ipod input on my amp?
And which output from the UX1 would i use? The headphones out or the analogue out?
Thanks all
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Just try. There's nothing to go wrong. Take the output with the least power and try it in both inputs.
If you want a totally unaffected signal through ur spider amp, u could probably shang it through the ipod/MP3 input. Have it come out of the headphone socket of ur pedal (if it has one) and if not, just have the mono out go into the ipod jack.

If none of this works, just get a really clean channel of the amp, and plug it through the normal way.

If you still don't want to do this, get a mixer and a PA.

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